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Sabr in Islam means patience. It means exercising patience during trials (little or big), and it also the act of remaining calm during anxiety. Many times in the Quran, Allah (S.W.T) speaks of the patient and the reward that they will receive for being patient. The Quran talks about beautiful patience as a mark of a true believer. Sabr is reliance upon, and trust in Allah (ta’ala). It is a firm belief that only He can remove your trials, and only he can bring you relief. Sabr is having hope for a greater reward. When a lady complained of her epilepsy condition to the Prophet (SAW), he advised her to be patient, in the hopes of a greater reward from her Lord.



Sabr is obedience. It happens when Prophet Musa (AS) was leading his people away from Pharaoh even when he did not understand how their escape will happen. Sabr is accepting the decree of Allah (ta’ala) when he chooses to take your spouse, child or parents early. It is understanding that only Him has the knowledge of the unseen and knows what is best for us. When Prophet Muhammad (SAW) lost his son, Ibraaheem, he said, “The eye weeps and the heart grieves, but we say only what our Lord is pleased with, and we are grieved for you, Ibrahim.” (Sunan Abi Dawud)


Also during the life of Prophet Ayyub (A.S) who was tested by shaytan in order for him to renounce his faith with everything gone and down with sickness still he has patience and still believe in Allah after the end of the whole turbulence he was victorious and Allah reward him in thousand folds . Why can’t we, you and I emulate this act by having patience and to keep believing in Him at the end we will not regret holding unto Allah (S.W.T).



Sabr is a characteristic of a good believer. It is a sign that a person understands their Deen and it shows their belief in Allah (ta’ala). Shukr which means “Gratitude” is the form in which sabr can be Praticed. Gratitude is a form of sabr, and it is one of the best things we can do, especially at the first strike of calamity. If someone just died in your arms, put your head on the ground and make a Sajdah of gratitude to show Allah (ta’ala) that even though this hurts, you are grateful to be tested.

As – sabr is a prophetic tradition. Quran is full of examples of the patience of Ibrahim, Ismaeel, Yaqoob, Yusuf, Ayyub, Younus, Nuh, Lut, and Muhammad (peace be upon them all). We must observe how they were struck by various adversities and how they remained patient. We can learn profound lessons from how they dealt with their challenges.



In this world, we experience many negative situations. Every now and then we face provocations. When someone wrongs you instead of retaliating with provocation, you can respond with kindness and patience. How can one live amidst these negative experiences with positive thinking? How is it possible? There is a verse in the Quran which says that those who believe “forgive when they are angry.” (42: 37). This positive response of forgiveness in the face of provocation is a main source of cultivating a positive personality.



Once, a man came to the Prophet and asked him for a master-advice by which he could manage all the affairs of his life. The Prophet replied, “Don’t be angry.” (Sahih al-Bukhari). What does this mean? It means that when one is provoked, one should be able to keep control over anger. If you become angry and react, it will become a distraction for you. Patience and avoidance save you from this distraction. In Surah Al-Maarij, Verse 5 which says, “Therefore endure with a goodly patience.” Also in Surah Al-Anfal, Verse 46 which says, “And obey Allah and His Apostle and do not quarrel for then you will be weak in hearts and your power will depart, and be patient; surely Allah is with the patient.”


This verse teaches us to be patient, not just being patient alone, but we should be truthful to ourselves that we are patient. A lot of people may show the attribute of a patient person but within themselves, they still question Allah when sorrow and tribulations arises. Yet, they forget that Allah (SWT) tests the believing person most. We should watch the kind of utterances that comes out from us whenever we are in difficult situation rather than question Allah, we should see it as a trial, a phase that has come and will go, when you feed your mind with that kind of positivity, Allah (S.W.T) will grant all your wishes as a result of your being patient with Him.

If we take time to really reflect on the Islamic teachings about sabr, it will be easier for us to practice it. When we believe that Quran is shifa (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual healing), we should be prepared and ready to follow everything that it entails.

Sabr is patience, and there is no other way to practice it wholly than to be patient. It may seem like a trial is unending, but only patience can bring us through to a successful end. “Indeed, Allah is with the patient.” (Quran 8:46)


Sabr in Islam is not about waiting for miracles to happen in our lives, and it is not about feeling hopeless and powerless with our situation. It is about being patient with reliance on Allah (ta’ala). “Whosoever would be patient, Allah will give him patience, and no one is granted a gift better and more comprehensive than patience”. (Riyad us-Saliheen)

Let us be steadfast in our prayers and wait patiently for the outcome of our prayers because Allah (S.A.W) promises us in Surah Ash-Sharh, “So verily with hardship, there is relief. Verily with hardship, there is relief” (94:5-6). May Almighty Allah guide us, grant us the ability to be patient in term of difficulties no matter the circumstances. Ameen


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