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Dr. Okey Okonkwo to be Installed as the 5th District Governor of Rotary District 9142.



Dr. Okey Okonkwo to be installed as the 5th District Governor of Rotary District 9142. 



To simplify the administrative process of Rotary, Clubs (supervised by Presidents) are grouped into Zones (supervised by Assistant Governors); thus, Zones are made up of a number of Clubs. These Zones and Clubs make up Districts which are supervised by District Governors. In Nigeria, there are four Districts – Districts 9110, 9125, 9141 and 9142.

District 9142 consists of Abia, Akwa Ibom, Anambra, Cross River, Ebonyi, Enugu and Imo. It is equally supervised by a District Governor. Aside service projects that promote peace, fight diseases, provide clean water, save mothers and children, support education, grow local economies and protect the environment, Rotary has activities that help strengthen its internal structure thus reinforcing the zeal to do more in serving communities. One of such activity is the installation ceremony of her leaders. Installation ceremonies are formal events that draw attendance from far and near. They mark official investiture of leaders who openly accept their roles and responsibilities and further pledge to uphold the tenet of Rotary by practicing Rotary’s motto of ‘Service above Self’. Such ceremonies also provide a suitable platform to attract and gain support for Rotary by raising funds to sponsor projects. In this case, it is the installation ceremony of the 5th District Governor of Rotary International District 9142.

The installation ceremony is a formal event marked by features that support the good causes of Rotary. Rotarians are hand-raisers and the sign-us-up volunteers who selflessly give their time and talents to help those in need, to strengthen and lift up communities, to make someone’s day brighter, to lessen the load and improve people’s lives. Occasions such as installation ceremonies that mark the formal institution of leaders serve as a perfect opportunity for persons and organizations to formally recognize the hard work and efforts of Rotarians as they continue to volunteer and serve humanity selflessly. While there is no doubt that the world is indeed grateful to Rotarians for the good they keep doing, sometimes, we as humans, forget to express that gratitude in a way that resonates: the Installation of the 5th District Governor of Rotary International District 9142 is a well appropriated and articulated platform.




As Rotarians maintain a laser focus on their goal of achieving a better world through volunteer services, support to Rotary activities could act as a great boost and fuel further growth and commitment for selfless services. As Rotarians, we serve humanity, help others, love everyone and care for each other. Reciprocating this gesture by supporting the installation ceremony of our District Governor will surely add wings to our abilities and capabilities.


With gratitude, we look forward to having you share with us your compassion for service; with your support we can impact our communities in a lasting way.

Understanding Rotary:

Talking about Rotary is both an exciting and difficult task: Because it simply means talking about an organisation, a group of people found everywhere, creating positive impacts around the world. It also means taking a sum of all these and pinning it down to a definitive term.


Rotary started as a single story far back 1905 in the city of Chicago, with just four persons (Paul Harris, Sylvester Schiele, Hiram Shorey and Gustavus Loehr), but today its story can be told in multiple layers.

Rotary is a community of community leaders; this very noble organisation with an unending desire to serve humanity takes ordinary people and gives them extraordinary opportunity to do more with their lives than they ever dreamed possible.

Quoting Rotarians-in-Action, “Rotary may not have invented service, but Rotary perfected it.” The ultimate purpose of Rotary is to serve; service and benefit for all communities even as it strives to reach everywhere, spreading goodwill to every region of the world.


Who are Rotarians?

Rotarians bear the emblem of Rotary. To be a Rotarian means being the reason someone smiles and have the cause to live on. Rotarians turn aims and ideals into actions while lowering barriers to help promote cooperation and understanding worldwide. People achieve self-actualisation in different ways; for Rotarians, it is in serving.

Rotarians take action to create positive impacts, this goes to support Richard Louis Evan’s notion that “Doing is the Rotary way of serving”, this act of ‘doing’ is super contagious; it is a flu caught by every Rotarian. It provides the energy and motivation to keep on serving.

More Rotarians, more Rotary clubs, more friends and more supports equate a better world.

Supporting the Good Cause of Rotary

Rotary unite leaders from all continents, cultures and occupation to exchange ideas and take action in communities around the world. Rotary is made up of three parts: The Clubs, Rotary International and the Rotary Foundation. Together, these three parts work to make lasting change in our communities and around the world.

Rotary Clubs are grounded in the same values, addressing diverse and unique needs. The Club structure allows members to come together to strengthen their connections to friends and neighbours and their commitment to improving lives. They contribute their time, their energy and their hearts at just about every way possible.


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