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Strategically located in the choicest heart of Enugu urban. What you may call the heart of the hearts! Nike, a town caught in full in Enugu-east LGA and partially in Enugu North where they share the geopolitical categorization with Ndi Ngwo, is an identity of undeniable value and factor as it regards the componentials and constituentials of the Enugu of Enugu.


Dating back from the Eastern, East-Central, Old Anambra era till date, Nike’s terrestrial endowment played, is playing and will continue to play the pheromonal attraction of what became the seat of government, the developmental resources and the sine qua non of what became what we call Enugu metropolis today.
The liberality, hospitality and accommodating spirit and endowment of Ụmụ Nike is such that is unparalleled and such without which we won’t have a space and people to constitute the Enugu urban and such that ought not be taken for granted!
Understandably you get some of the lands you got from us with your money but matter of fact, there are a thousand and one communities out there that won’t part with their estates even with your bullion van full of money. When you came to us, we gave you the land at a considerably affordable rate.Infact you got the land at what I may call “nwanne nga jidelum” rate. You built your government offices,industries,schools,hospitals and what have you and when a Nike man approaches you for a help or a job or comes for a political post which of course is our right,you mockingly and deceptively tell him that an average Nike man is comfortable or that he is clueless or is lazy and cannot work.This is horrible and poignantly appalling to think in that light and I would like to sternly and vehemently correct that earth-eroding impression because it never does exist and never can count on the countable factorials and binomials of existential existence!
If a man from Nsukka,from Udi,from Oji,from Ezeagu, from Ime Nkanu, from Awgu and others can come to the Enugu urban peacefully and benevolently given out for development by Ụmụ Nike for the development you see today and get it without deception,mockery,denial or sheer ‘Konukonkolity’ and Cockerel ‘nzupunzulity’ I see no reason why a Nike man with his amerritorious “banyi bu anyi no” confession and inclination cannot be given the prime choice to co-exist, co-possess and co-inherit the Enugu heritage of employment,appointments and choice political posts.
Mark this and get it ventral and sacral cum sacrosancual,an average Nikeman knows,believes and is no longer comfortable with the “abia na nzuko Enugu,azupu Nike n’okwe” aberration and anomaly and we have vowed assiduously to stand ike and dike to grab what belongs to us come 2023 as it regards the occupancy of the Lion’s Building.
Someone may want to whisper from the corner “but you currently occupy the legislative and the judiciary positions of the state,are you Oliver Twist” and I will tell that person come to Nikeland to see and prove to the world if at all we get the dividend of occupying such seats. Matter of fact, I don’t ask for a crocodile and get a lizard in its stead you expect me to go dancing uhlalala that I have received what I asked for. When I ask for a crocodile, admittedly I ask for a reptile which holds same roof with a lizard by biological classification but I don’t ask for a feeble reptile Lizzy baby. I ask for the AGU of a reptile in all its potency of call and tall. An AGUiyi is the chief of it all and historically I’d have you tell me if any Nikeman has for once occupied that AGU of a HOUSE (The Lion’s Building) even with all our defeated tortoise-in-a-shell chant of “Banyi bu anyi no”(This is our home) and the reality of it that here where things happen in Enugu is unarguably “be ndi Nike” We get cheered or I beg your pardon jeered with that “konkom okpundiezelity” of “Banyi bu anyi no” leaving us dancing in euphoria that indeed we got it,it’s our home while those who by “cielo y Tierra” conference know fully that “ebea abughi be ha” and confess it equally will nicodemously sweep away all the resources, entitlements, appointments, posts and positions to their people leaving Ụmụ Nike who as a matter of destiny should get the best with the worst or negligibly nothing. Let me quickly certify and satisfy as well as clarify that those “we” in quote of Ndị Nike were the Ndị Nikes of yesteryear, our fathers and mothers who by the virtue of our historical nature say yes to everything whether good or bad “ka udo chia”.Yes, admittedly that’s a Nike for you par excellence but make no mistake that that version of Nike that says yes whether good or bad “ka udo wee chia” was a Nike in the then.The Nike in the now is equally a Nike that confesses and aligns to the “ka udo chia” philosophy but unfortunately we are not the type that allow the excreta of “onye otoro afo osisa” through our throat hook, line and sinker without questioning. We are the Nikes that say give us what we deserve to get “ka udo chia” and when you don’t do so, we keep asking until justice jugs from the jury to Juliana. Martin Luther Kings Junior said and I quote “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere”
What happens when you tamper with the naturally projecting justice tentacles, retraction becomes an impossibility.

It has also come to us the emergent Nike folks protus notus that when the “orube onye rubere anyi bu UmuNkanu” that constitute the Enugu East Senatorial Zone, our brothers who are from Ime Nkanu who we the elder of course are the ones to guide or choose before they follow, will always, like a tortoise clever game to other animals say “Nkea bu nke anyi; anyi bu anyi anyi” anyi adi akpa oke”and with such a trick, sweep the “orube onye o choro umu Nkanu nile” to their camp leaving our Nike folks as “ndi na-ekpo awuya” collecting crumbs from under the table where they ought to be in control of the table. This, the emergents will no longer take. Let no one bring it to the hearing of onye Nike that if the Ndị ime Nkanu choose,they choose for Ndị Nike. This was what our patriarchs and matriarchs were deceived with and it never did favour them an acorn and we the emergents say “na anyi ekwegu na nke anyi kwere ekwe imeeno ngi”. Nike bu oche Nkanu, we have at least allowed our younger siblings go the first time and the second time. We are indeed peaceful, peaceable and accommodating folks to have allowed those we by virtue of age should choose before them to be going for us and going for us at no gain for us.The liberality, resilience and the “hafuo nya” disposition of NdiNike long exhibited to our brothers from the other Nkanu should be the more reason they should at this material time (ENUGU 2023 FOR NDI-NIKE) say “biakarhi onye izhi oo oka ne ñh,ngwa” come and go for us.
Let for once umunne anyi from the greater Nkanu see the reason to concede to us what belongs to us “ha ji jigbegbeshie ike”

Opiatazulugazugabiama! Hafukanumu eka na mmadu abugu efhi!

And for those who think that Nikes are clueless, aknwoledgic, uncoordinated, unorganised and backward, it just got to be a me and only me and thousands of you in contest for hours to prove a roof for you! And by the time I invite another Nike man and a third and a fourth to stand by me to prove your crayfish a fire desire, the entire mundo will see that you have for years out of baseless and untraceable statistics been denying an undeniable Neo-Intellectual Kings Empire(NIKE) of “onatalh chi he”


To cap it all, let me give this truism in Italian “il mondo di Enugu senza Nike in circulo è il mondo senza existenzia” (The Enugu world without Nike in circle is a world without existence)
Orube onye, ya rube anyị! Égbè bere Ugo bere.
Let no man ask who is a Nike man to be brought to state leadership discourse! Who is he that is bold enough to prove that he has more of Enugu blood flowing in his circulatory than NdiNike?

Shi omashikwanh!

E.A.GRAHAMS writes from Nwefhuo Umuenwene Iji Nike. He is the founder of Neo-Pacific Renaissance (NPR), a national political movement & Foreign Language Speakers Society.



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