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Building Wealth: 4 Different Types of Wealth


Wealth is the abundance of valuable possessions or money. Personal gifts which are also our natural gifts are certain qualities or abilities that we possess that make each individual unique. It is worth explaining here why wealth does not come from your job but from natural gifts or abilities because a lot of people confuse getting rich with being wealthy; these two are quite different. Being wealthy does not only have to do with our finances. There are four types of wealth, financial, physical, time and social wealth. When a person is wealthy, it simply means that the person has a sustainable means for financial health and freedom for life and for generations to come.


Although having a well-paid job could be a means for one to get rich, it does not quite give you room to make wealth. Many people who earn highly might not be fulfilled because it is not something they love to do or because they feel they aren’t putting some hidden attributes they have to use.



Our gifts as individuals are those things that are endowed in us naturally, and therefore cannot be taken away from us. They come in the form of talents, abilities, attributes, inborn skills. The key to creating wealth with these gifts is to identify them and put them to full use.


Natural gifts could include abilities such as, leadership, running a business, being a parent, empathy, talents, and other inborn skills. For instance, if your natural gift and passion are being a parent, aside from catering to your kids, you can start a career of looking and catering to children and with your passion and persistence. You can pave the way for yourself over a period of time and by this means acquire all forms of wealth.



You need to ask yourself, Is there something that I love to do? Do I have passion for something? Is there an attribute peculiar to me? Have I discovered them? If you have discovered them, great, but if not and you do not feel fulfilled with your current status, you have to take time to discover who you really are.


There’s a saying that “You are not what you studied in school but who you were created to be.” If you look beyond your current job and reflect on your unique abilities and how you can put them to use, then that’s a great way to start, unless your job aligns with your gifts and passions. Though you need to expand upon your gifts and abilities to make them worthwhile.



When you are putting your gifts and special abilities to use, you tend to do better at them because you love what you are doing and are willing to give it your very best. This, compared to working at a firm where you feel restricted, you remain there just to make ends meet. This does not mean you should get out of whatever job you are doing currently if you have already discovered your gifts, but take time to plan towards putting your gifts to full potential.


Discover your natural gifts, we all have one or two deposited in us and work towards making use of them to acquire financial, time, social an d physical wealth.








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