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Have You Met The Other African?

Have You Met The Other African?





By C.V.C Ozoaniamalu


The private jet of Oscar George Connan, Boeing 769-200, 1.57ft, was seen heading to the Northwestern part of the US conterminous states, Washington DC. Inside the jet were, Oscar George Connan and Enyiuche Mmadu.
To Enyiuche, her return to America was like reliving old days. America was still the same as she remembers it on her first visit. She had been to a dozen of American states but Washington held this particular romance for her, not because of the beauty of the city or it’s stately homes but because, in this capital of the world’s most spoken nation lies her glories and downfalls. She had come here fifteen years ago out of sheer luck and through the aid of the modeling agency that picked her up from the little scrap she had been with down in Nigeria. It was a dream come true.
She could remember the day Mr. Nwajiagu, the proud unpleasant man, and owner of the modeling agency she worked with – had entered the office with a white lanky man, Enyiuche had heard of the man’s coming, but she was unsure of his identity, considering he wasn’t looking the part, judging from the Nigerian definition of a “wealthy man,” he didn’t come close. Nevertheless, this man, the gutter fighter American, named Jeremy, face round, with well set even teeth and a burning ambition, became the reason for her success. Jeremy’s interest in opening The Ebony Model Company made him fly all the way across the world to Nigeria, in search of models.
“You are such a beauty, I would take a chance on you”, these were his exact words the very first time they met. Years later, she asked Jeremy why he chose Africans instead of the whites and he replied “to move faster in life, deter from doing the regular. Africans are human’s too and not bloodless logics.” His tone ringing with fulfillment.
This made Enyiuche realize that she was ridiculously lucky having being chosen among the girls that was brought to the states. Things didn’t work out the way she planned, She had to leave America for the United Kingdom and that was where she met Oscar George Connan. George was a known business man whose tentacles were inextricably woven around the fabrics of Britain’s economy, his wealth girded the globe. He was using beautiful women in the guise of a modeling agency to transport cocaine from one country to the other while committing crimes.
Oscar George Connan had seen the smartness and hunger in her and had taken her to work for him and from that day she became a killer. Now, She had become famous, her pictures were at the frontal of most British best selling magazines as the model of the year, but this was all a guise. She had sat and dined with Kings and Queens. The richest men in Britain were all beckoning for her attention, ready to own her, and the name “Enyiuche” (A friend of the mind) had shown itself in all her deeds.
Tonight, she had accepted another trip with Oscar George Connan to an inauguration dinner of American’s 46th president. If she succeeds this night, she would be promoted to the rank of “Killer of Hundreds” because tonight’s victim would be her 100th assignment, and she had always delivered.
To Enyiuche, America reeked of Pride, security and publicity, and it takes only a smart person like her to get the job done. She never knew her victims until the day of her operation. As the jet was reaching the white house, Oscar George Connan began to recite to her those words she had heard several times, those endless important litanies, the only difference were the names and places.
Your night of grace, daughter of Oscar George Connan. Our victim tonight is Kofi Alade by name, arrangements have been made, he may be a little stubborn and nerdy but we trust your skills, lure him to the trap, just out of the white house. Don’t let the faintest breath of suspicion touch you, it’s high time we treated his fuck up. George commanded.
It was told that Kofi was a former worker of Oscar George Connan who had gone against the 6th commandment “Forever in service” and had run to America to begin a new life.
Oscar had waited for Kofi, just like he did to his other victims, to reach the peak of their successes before striking. And tonight, Kofi would be inaugurated into the office of the chief Superintendent, and George thought it to be the perfect timing.
The jet landed and a group of servants were waiting to welcome them. She felt cold and unnerving, there was a tightening in her stomach, irrespective she had been into this for years, yet, she felt the urge to quit. Quitting and running away, from the mess.
Odyssey, George’s friend, who was the former Chief Superintendent who had been feeding George with Kofi’s success was arranged to be her date.
Enyiuche caught a glimpse of herself from a glass nearby. The“shutter”sound of pictures taken of them by people were re-echoing in her ears. “If was a goddess ruling the modeling Industry, that goddess would be jealous of me” she beamed.
The grand inauguration party of the American 46th president had been filled with stately men and women, all exuding wealth and fame tainted with an admiring pride. People turned to catch a glimpse of the revered Odyssey, while Enyiuche drank from the incredible stares and prestige which Odyssey commands.
The first to approach them was Altar Diego, the Italian American, who became the prime minister by his sheer commitment to the Democrats. The most promiscuous being whose sexual instincts were more functional than his brains.
“See who we have here, Almighty Odyssey and her prettiest queen from Africa, particularly Nigeria” Enyiuche beamed with a smile.
She could read the shock on his face seeing her here. It was said of his promiscuity encompassing the whole of America. Diego though married to Mara Vietnam, had mistresses scattered in different states of America. One of the famous story about him was his wife and one of his mistresses giving birth to triplets on the same day and same hospital, yet, he loved himself more for that feat.
Enyiuche looked at her watch, the time has come.
“Let me get some wine, dear” she kissed Odyssey, excusing herself from them and went in search of her prey.
Her eyes captured Alexander, an American actor who happened to be the President elect’s son and she remembered him quite well, next to Alex was Clinton Felix, the beautiful white effeminate elected minister of Finance, with his supple finger and delicate smile, flirting his homosexual traits around the President’s son. Though it had always been said that the President Elects son is in support of the equal right of gay people.
At the wine table was Elizabeth Carra , the young hardcore American feminist, who had refused to answer her Husband’s name, and devoted the later part of her life hating men and fighting for the equality of women. Stories have it that she had had a very unlucky childhood, her mother Caro being married to the rugged beast father, Charles, who was abusive and promiscuous.
On seeing Enyiuche , she smiled, and joined her I have always admired your pictures she complimented her, Odyssey told me about your coming.
I’ve heard of you too, and I am so much in love with the work you do, Enyiuche replied with a forced smile.
Have you met the other Africans in the house? Elizabeth asked inquisitively.
Which of them?
Kofi Alade
Who is he? She asked pretentiously.
And she listened as Elizabeth gave her a rundown of Kofi’s history which Enyiuche had been familiar with. Kofi seems to have many white friends and no African friend, yet none of them know him so well. To the white Americans, he is the reserved intelligent man who loves nothing except his business, while to the African Americans, he is a loud and proud man who looks down on every soul, hates the color of his skin and adores the whites. This definitions of him by people and the mere fact that they are not close to who he is, was quite unsettling for Enyiuche.”
Unlike most men, Odyssey had said, none was as strict and intelligent as Kofi. He was the fountain of brilliance and mystery. He had at an early stage seen the world as a mere piece of numbers, and thus he had reduced every aspect of his life into mathematics. As a poor boy living in Nigeria, through military dictatorship and insipient democracy, he had fallen in love with power and strictness. He saw all men as just numbers which can either be added or subtracted. He knew how many steps he would make while moving from his room to the old St Francis Church near his father’s cottage in Accra. His obnoxiousness he inherited from his father, Alade , who ran from Gold coast to Nigeria with a woman from Makerere, named Rwondo. To avoid sentiments from family members, his father on arrival had worked as a domestic servant to Simeon Kettle, a British master who was meek and humble and who took him like a son. After the return of the whites to England, his father did some petty business in Apapa Lagos to keep the family until they had to leave. He had quickly used his little savings, when he was with Simeon Kettle to fly his family to Britain instead of going back to meet his people in Ghana. And with the help of his former master, Simeon Kettle, he had gotten a job to work for the royal family, The family recognized his brilliance and sent him to work under Oscar George Connan. And being under George he learned and he gradually became famous and was called Oscar the second. Kofi had come to love the whites and a bitter shame that they were rejected by his own people. This made him develop this special likes for the whites and hated the blacks, who never accepted his father.
It was this hate for the blacks that prompted his breaking the covenant “forever in service” and travelling to America to join the warden team years later to torment black immigrant prisoners, and through hard work, he gradually walked his way up the ladder, and the more rank he got, the more undiluted wickedness he dished out to black inmates.
At 36, he was married to Cleopatra and God had given them triplets and he loved so much
His private life and affairs had forever been bottlenecked since after he left England. Thus, he hated interviews and despised correspondents.
“Speak of the devil” Elizabeth beamed.
Approaching was Kofi Alade fitting the description that follows him, broad shoulders and tiny waist, the unsmiling face of a man who appears too sophisticated, 6ft tall and a little stooped as if carrying black matters on his shoulders.
“Hello Lizzy, How’s the evening coming along?” He said as he reached their table.
Enyiuche stood there, frozen. Unsure of what to do with her expression.
Madubuko Obieze, She exclaimed!
Kofi looked at her in shock, his mouth wide open, not believing his eyes
Enyiuche Ogbodo, the smartest girl in grade 5A, I know I will one-day meet you again, he screamed!
And the theatrics of their embracing each other, disengaging and embracing again was love. She held him and they started towards the door.
You have to leave this place by any means, Enyiuche said.
You are going nowhere, forever in service, the third voice snapped.
On looking up, it was George Connan blocking the door.



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