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By Buchi Nnaji


As the 2023 general election draw close, political activities in Enugu State are gaining momentum. Politicians, cultural groups and well meaning individuals have started laying claims and counterclaims on whose turn it is to take over from Governor Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi.


Considering the terrible state of insecurity that has become a nightmare to the South East region, one shouldn’t have had the moral justification to discuss politics while his house is on fire. But it will also be unjust to throw deaf ears on the recent brouhaha over zoning in Enugu State.

Zoning, otherwise known as ‘rotation of power’ has no doubt enshrined equity, justice, fairness and consequently, peace and political stability in Enugu State since its divine adoption. While some argue that it is not backed by the constitution, the principle of zoning remains kosher.

Some people wallowing in political oblivion allege that there was never a time it was agreed that zoning should be observed in Enugu State. However, feigning ignorance does not dispute the fact that rotation of power is rooted in Enugu State and also instrumental in maintaining political balancing in the State since the return of democracy.

Before now, political activities in Enugu State have been characterized by so much violence, thuggery, killing of Innocent souls, and so on. Though it is near impossible to have a hitch free election season, the gentleman’s arrangement of zoning has reduced in no small measure the catastrophe that bedevils it.


Just as I pointed out in one of my earlier articles on zoning, Enugu State political structure is comfortably standing on a tripod, ekwu na to. The triangular equilibrium in Enugu State is made up of the three senatorial zones, Enugu East, Enugu West, and Enugu North senatorial zones. The rotation of power started from Enugu East zone in 1999, to Enugu West zone and currently in Enugu North zone. So, whoever says there is no zoning arrangement in Enugu State is merely trying to fly an unhealthy kite to favour his or her selfish ambition.

At this point, having concluded a cycle of power rotation, different unsavory arguments are cropping up from the camp of desperate politicians, in a bid to truncate the smooth zoning process to favor their selfish interests. One school of thought has it that since the first cycle of rotation has ended, the next cycle can start from any zone. Those towing this unproductive path are few selfish individuals who are merely trying to ignite political quagmire. Their ill-fated argument does not hold water as it lacks every sense of propriety and good judgement.


Another epileptic reasoning has it also that since the first cycle of zoning in Enugu State has been concluded with Enugu North senatorial zone taking the last lap, the next cycle should start from the last zone (Enugu North), going anti-clockwise.

This obnoxious line of thought on its own is ridiculous, unsubstantial, selfish and dead on arrival. Borrowing a leaf from natural principle, the earth and other planets rotate round the sun in a steady clockwise direction. Never a time was it reported that after a complete rotation, the planets started going anticlockwise. Therefore, it will be counterproductive and foolish to start rotating power in an anti-clockwise direction just to satisfy the desire of desperate politicians. Anticlockwise rotation is tantamount to swimming against the ocean current. No one goes against natural system or pattern and expect victory or good result.

While all these debates are going on in various media, yet another naive group condemned in entirety the act of peaceful zoning in Enugu State. They claim it is undemocratic and encourages mediocrity. This assumption is utterly wrong because democracy in a simple term is defined as the government of the people, by the people, and for the people. If this definition is in order, it means that democracy and it’s principles revolve around the people. That means, a people can consciously or subconsciously choose a particular arrangement that works for them, in as much as it is for their collective good. That is democratic.

Others went further to insist that zoning in Enugu State is only a PDP affair, hence does not affect other political parties. Well, as much as it resembles the truth, it is pertinent to note that zoning principle is one of the secret weapons of the People’s Democratic Party, PDP. Their past victories that has kept them in power can be traceable to the fact that they respect equity, fairness and justice, while abhorring marginalization, deceit and divisive actions.

All the arguments being peddled by different individuals and groups in a deliberate attempt to manipulate, truncate and sabotage the divine political arrangement that has been working in Enugu State are invalid and should be jettisoned.

Anyone who love Enugu State must put the interest of the state before his/her personal ambition. It will be wrong to disrupt the working zoning arrangement in Enugu State just for one’s selfish desire or aggrandizement.

Meanwhile, in reality, everybody can never agree to zoning, but that does not change the fact that zoning as being practiced in Enugu State has been fruitful and always take it’s natural course despite efforts being made by few disgruntled individuals and groups to scuttle the gentleman’s agreement. If majority of the stakeholders and the good people of Enugu State still see the need to abide by the principle of clockwise power rotation in order to eschew anarchy, and other vices associated with electioneering, then, those who are against the peaceful zoning system should have a rethink.

The recent zoning of 2023 governorship ticket by the All Progressive Congress, APC Enugu State to Enugu East senatorial zone is a clear indication that Enugu State respects clockwise zoning arrangement.

It is however advisable for other political parties in Enugu State such as the incumbent People’s Democratic Party, PDP to also key into the zoning arrangement and cede their governorship ticket to Enugu East senatorial zone if they must continue to make waves in the political history of the State. By so doing, the party is expected to field a credible candidate from Enugu East senatorial zone for the 2023 gubernatorial contest.


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