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Our House is on Fire


Our House is on Fire. 

As the day goes by we see/hear about serious security issues across our land. The flame of insecurity is gradually and consistently transforming into an inferno that will not blow anyone any good. If police stations and security agents are now a part of the constant targets, then, who will answer distress calls. With the sophisticated weapons in circulation, and the number of attacks…. One does not need a prophet to tell him that there’s fire on the mountain. With the blockade of the roads to the government house and constant lock of police stations one should know that – water don dey pass garri…


Truth is that shying away from the reality to avoid being tagged as badmouthing the government will make things worse.
The inability of the central government (which has taken the bogus responsibility of securing the entire nation alone) to police the hinterland’s effectively has culminated into a near anarchy. Groups are now armed, people die daily and we act as if every thing is normal.
News of unknown gun men shooting or killing Nigerians are now very common. Some clap when they hear that police stations have been attacked, but little do they know that the system is to weaken the security personnel so as to create more havoc on the masses.

For instance… When Boko Haram was bombing churches some Moslems cheered but now all eyes are crying. If nothing is done now and effectively we might have a total case of war in our hand. And no one will be talking about zoning again.
Take your mind back to the lock down era and the End Sars protest. Those events are just tea party when a war breaks out. IDP camps will spring up in the south east, schools will be shut, churches will be burnt, markets and shops looted and burnt. Women and children will be abused at will and all you can do is watch or join. Political office holders and the elites will go underground and the government will not be paying salaries or allowances. No contracts or projects. Fuel will be scarce, banks will close and there will be no light or network. Hospitals will be overstretched and u know they are very efficient now. There shall be no more space for the government to prevent the situation, soldiers will be drafted everywhere and you know what it means.

Way Forward-
1. The FG should as urgent as possible deploy troops to parts of the Southeast to assist the police NOW.
2.Talks should begin to amend the constitution to enable STATE POLICE.
3. Government at the state level must begin an effective sensitization on the present situations. Educate the young ones on why its not right to take up arms.
4. Instead of waiting for IDP CAMPS to come so that government will start giving relief material, let the fund be channelled now towards job creation and empowerment.
5. There must be an effective control on the movement of herders and their interaction with local communities. While we wait for Ebubeagu to start.
6. Borders must be secured and policed properly to reduced/eradicate the influx of sophisticated weapons. Just like it was monitored during lock down.
7. Government must equip and improve the capacity of the security agents.
Etc Etc….


We can as well pretend that things will fix itself and continue as we are… When the because has come to become according to nwoke akegbe ugwu… We shall see.

Edeani Chidozie T.
Efi Na ewe odu.


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