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Jubilation as Chief Evarest Nnaji leads Enugu youths, sports lovers on health-fitness exercise

Jubilation as Chief Evarest Nnaji leads Enugu youths, sports lovers on health-fitness exercise


Jubilation as Chief Evarest Nnaji leads Enugu youths, sports lovers on health-fitness exercise

…says Gov Ugwuanyi an epitome of peace


…preaches cooperation, peace and unity in the state

…receives standing ovation from sports associations

Reporter: Chibuzo Nathaniel


It was excitement this morning at the Michael Okpara Square, Independence Layout, Enugu, when Enugu state sports lovers and enthusiasts welcomed Chief Captain Evarest Nnaji (Odengene) to their midst for their routine morning exercise.

Chief Evarest who arrived the venue of the sports at about 7:30am was received by thousands of athletes, including different fitness associations who could not hold back their joy even as the captain was fully kitted for the day.

Two of the prominent sports’ associations who received Chief Evarest, fondly called Odengene due to his famous spirit of philanthropy, humility and non-discriminatory friendliness, were the Coal City Keep Fit Club Enugu and the Coal City Fitness Exclusive Enugu.


Chief Odengene who was urged to lead the workout accepted the challenge and led the sports’ lovers on a 50 minutes arduous jogging to the admiration of the teeming crowds.

Meanwhile, the Captain has lauded the efforts of the state Governor, Rt. Hon. Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi at ensuring the environment was conducive for sporting and outdoors activities. He stressed while addressing the clubs’ members on the need to see one another as one even though they belonged to different associations. According to him, progress is made through competition, and a society without competition would soon find itself on the isle of extinction. He, however, said that such competition must be healthy, robust and progressive in nature.


Chief Odengene further reiterated that Enugu state was enjoying peace and progress because of a man of peace the state was blessed with. He urged the crowds to key into the peace mantra of the governor for the continuous peace, unity, growth and progress of the state.

On their part, while addressing the people, the chairmen of the Coal City Fitness Exclusive and Coal City Keep Fit, Chief Cosmas Agagbo, aka, Eze Opoka na Abba, who spoke separately at the same venue, lauded Chief Odengene for his resolve to continue to identify with them despite his tight schedules.

Addressing the people, Chief Agagbo who could not believe the coming together of the sports’ clubs declared that it was only a man like Odengene that could command such uncommon aura of respect and confidence, adding that the philanthropist had proven himself reliable and worthy to be trusted due to his antecedent for championing the cause of humanity.

Chief Agagbo, while assuring Odengene of their resolve to match with him in rain and in sun, lauded him for pursuing peace among the people. According to him; “Chief Odengene is a man that I appreciate so much. He is not a stranger to me and to many of us here. He is a man I can vouch for having known him for over 25 years through my boss, Chief Arthur Eze.

“Odengene is full of positive surprises and I have always had respect for him. He is a man loved by God and by humanity for his uncommon spirit of generosity. He is a man who doesn’t want to know what part of the country you came from before doing greats for you. God has used him to promote humanity, and he is worthy of our trust, support and prayer.

“Recently, I visited Rt. Hon. Edeh for a function and what I saw at Amagunze dumbfounded me. The 5.4 kilometre road undergoing construction is through his hard earned money. This is a testament to his reliability.

“When I also visited my friend, Hon. Frank Anioma, who is incidentally the Chairman of Coal City Keep Fit, and I asked who’s constructing this road, I was told it’s Chief Odengene, and this has added my respect for him.

“Sir, you are a man of honour and your philanthropic nature has no boundary; it cuts across Enugu state. By your act today, you have shown that you are a man of peace. Sir, there is no other person who can bring these clubs together because it is not possible. But see, you just did. You made it happened.”

Meanwhile, Hon. Frank Anioma, who is the Chairman of the Coal City Keep Fit has poured encomiums on the pilot and entrepreneur stating that Chief Odengene was his brother, friend and ally. Hon. Anioma who spoke on behalf of his club expressed delight over the presence of Chief Odengene adding the he’s a man of peace who could be trusted with the state.

He reiterated their commitment to keep partnering the Odengene People’s Movement (OPM), and promised they would continue to support him. “We are glad to receive you here today. You’ve done well and we are happy. Your participation is a great motivation and has boosted us. We will continue to support and work with you,” he added.

Responding to the cheering athletes, Chief Odengene said he was humbled by the love shown to him by the gathering crowds, and promised to continue to partner with them to keep fit. According to him, health is wealth, and one of the ways to achieve a good health was through exercising the body.

“First of all, I want to thank the leaderships of the clubs; Coal City Keep Fit and Coal City Exclusive. These are the two most powerful fitness clubs in Enugu state, and when I look at you, I see that you’re the energy for the city. You’re the power for the city. I see youthfulness. I see beauty. I see handsomeness. I see blossom hearts. When I look into your face I see bright future. It is my honour this morning to be here with you in this very arena. Your action today, as I’m just being told this is the first time you are coming together is not a surprise to me because your action tallies with the spirit of the state. Enugu state as we have it today is a peaceful and rancour-free state. It is a place where His Excellency, our performing and unassuming Governor, Rt. Hon. Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi has enthroned peace and equity. So I am not surprised that you are able to come together. It is also in tune with the spirit of the moment.

“I want to thank and appreciate you for the honour you’ve given me today by coming together to run with me in this wonderful morning. All I have to say to you is that Enugu state is the heart beat of Eastern Nigeria and it will continue to be so. Every Igbo person has a root in Enugu, and that is why the state will continue to be a peaceful state. The energy generated in that peace must be continued and we will continue to live together because everybody has a stake in the state.

“I’m here this morning to fraternise with you and to support your clubs; to say I am one of you and I want to say that I’m a member of the two clubs. As a matter of fact, this morning, I am going to register with the two clubs, and I will continue to exercise with you.

“Let me employ that the unity we have forged this morning must be maintained. You know, there is strength in competition. For instance, when there was only NITEL in Nigeria, there was no competition, but immediately we had other telecommunications, we saw a healthy competition and the progress made so far. So, likewise, I want you to see yourselves not as two distinct clubs but two competing clubs that are in unity, just like the two biggest banks in Nigeria once started and they operated a healthy competition. There should be a symbiotic relationship among the people and as you have ran today with me, I will employ that you do more of this, even if is once or twice a year in order to show that we are all brothers.

“I will always join you to exercise. I want to thank you very much for this opportunity. Together we can do it. Together we will continue to make Enugu state great. Together, Enugu state will continue to progress in peace and development,” Chief Odengene told the visibly elated youths and other athletes.

While promising to register as a member of the clubs, the philanthropist doled out over two million naira to the clubs to support their activities.


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