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Ịkpa Ngịga

Ịkpa Ngịga


Ịkpa Ngịga

It was Monday, December 20, and the morning was cold, gripped by the talons of the harmattan wind, giving that typical “Christmas is in the air” feeling. Getting set, our destination was somewhere in Okunano (Awkunanaw), Nkanu West LG of Enugu State. Heading to Akegbe Ugwu, Okunano’s eldest, the road was so free that one would think it was 25th morning.


Ọzọ Mkpunadinabia welcomed us to his home, as we prepped to tell, in pictures, the story of Ngiga making.

Ngiga is made with tiny iron, knitted in a wide gappy and netty form, primarily for roasting and preserving meat or fish. The human mind has always been innovative and full of craft. Back in the days even before the idea of a refrigerator came to William craftin order to use it for a long time. This was the need that gave birth to what we have as ngiga today. Little wonder the Igbo talk about “anu kporo nko na-eju onu”, the dry meat that fills the mouth. This Igbo saying can hardly come to light without the help of ngiga that gets the meat dry and keeps it so. Craft making has always been a thing the African people are known for, from art to tools making, why we haven’t worked hard to bring modernity to it, and blow it into an amazing form still awaits an answer.


But Ozo is not discouraged, for him, most people still prefer to use the ngiga to roast and preserve their meat or fish. He makes a living from it, for himself and his family, which says a lot about its increasing local demand.

Ozo also knits local music tools for the local music like the ogene music, okanga, Igede, and other Igbo masquarede dance musics.

If you are wondering how to get the local dry meat that fills the mouth, Ozo Mkpunadinabia would be glad to show you the path to it, any time.


Ozo Mkpunadinabia

Ngiga maker




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