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Senator (Dr.) Chimaroke Nnamani: A rare gem on a Divine Mission (Opinion)

Senator (Dr.) Chimaroke Nnamani: A rare gem on a Divine Mission (Opinion)


Senator (Dr.) Chimaroke Nnamani: A rare gem on a Divine Mission (Opinion) 

By Arum Chibuike (Ochudo)


According to William Shakespeare, “some are born great, some achieve greatness, and others have greatness thrust upon them.”

Distinguished Senator (Dr.) Chimaroke Nnamani is one of those rare gems that Shakespeare was referring to.

Whenever the Almighty God sends His beloved child for a special assignment here on earth, it is pertinent that the masses recognize such missionary journey and place premium value on the messenger because such opportunity comes once in a while.


Senator Chimaroke Nnamani was born a great man, nature demonstrated it by elevating him to the pinnacles of his medical and political careers in order to position him for the special task he has come to perform on earth.

However, it baffles me when some feeble minded persons attack the greatness of His Excellency, the former Governor of Enugu State, the progenitor of the Great Ebeano Political Dynasty, the man on a divine mission, Senator Chimaroke Nnamani. Usually, when mediocres feign ignoramus by making unkind statements against the grand master of modern Enugu State political engineering, I laugh and ask God to forgive such persons because they know not what they are doing. This must be the reason why Albert Einstein stated that “Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds.” Distinguished Senator (Dr.) Chimaroke Nnamani is no doubt endowed with the spirit of greatness, and negative attacks against him by a handful of mediocres is expected, though such frivolous punchs are usually dead on arrival.

Senator Nnamani’s journey to the Nigeria Senate has been very productive and symbolic, but only the intelligent minds can comprehend it. His voice is so loud in the red Chambers while carrying out his primary legislative assignment. He has influenced so many constituency projects in Enugu East Senatorial Zone which he represent, most of which have been claimed by some National Assembly members in his Senatorial Zone. Such claims does not bother him because it is needless and hypocritical to do so.

He is a silent achiever, he has executed many constituency projects and given jobs to many people without celebrating it, all because of his belief in the biblical injunction which says that “when you give alms, do not let the left hand know what the right hand is doing.”


Needless to emphasize the fact that Senator Chimaroke Nnamani is a great human developer. Despite the fact that most of the men he groomed have turned against him, Nnamani is not deterred as he has continued to focus on his divine assignment of building men and women in every nook and cranny of Enugu State and beyond. Until date, he picks people from the bottomless pit of abandonment and clip them to their God designed destiny by giving meaning to their lives. This is the reason why his numerous beneficiaries call him “Destiny Helper.”

Dr. Chimaroke Nnamani is the man who has continued to insist that in Ebeano family, everybody is equal. It means that anybody can become anything irrespective of his or her social, academic and financial status. This attitude which he has demonstrated in every ramification has endeared him to the masses, thereby making him to command the highest number of followership in Enugu State as at today.

As the 2023 political journey is already in top gear, Senator Chimaroke Nnamani’s political expertise and guide cannot be taken for granted. His Excellency, Governor Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi should pay keen attention and tap from the wisdom of Senator Chimaroke Nnamani in the bid to nominate his successor. Nkanu people and indeed the entire Enugu State are lucky to have Senator Chimaroke Nnamani hale and hearty, to continue the good humanitarian services he was created to do for the benefit of mankind.


Concerning Enugu East Senatorial position, there is no vacancy as long as the mission of Senator Chimaroke Nnamani is ongoing. I do not expect that anyone who understands the worth of Chimaroke will dare to contest the elevated position with him, except those that have appointments with failure.

Let all the good people of Nkanu land and Enugu State in general rally round Distinguished Senator Chimaroke Nnamani in a bid to tap from his political wisdom, bound with cognate experiences for a harmonious political season and transition.

Long live Sen. Chimaroke Nnamani!

Long live Ebeano Family!!

Long live Gburugburu!!!

Enugu State is in the hands of God.


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