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2023: PFN advises Nigerians not to sell their votes, reiterates the power of votes

2023: PFN advises Nigerians not to sell their votes, reiterates the power of votes


Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria (PFN) has issued directives on how Nigerians should choose and vote for the presidential candidate of their choice in the 2023 poll, saying the time has come for Nigerians to deliver themselves.

Its National President, Bishop Francis Olubowale Oke, made the disclosure when he spoke in his capacity as President of the Sword of the Spirit Ministries and National President of PFN.


He was addressing the nation during the first service in the new Ministerial Year of the Sword of the Spirit Ministries, Olaogun, Ibadan, Nigeria.

“Our nation is at a very critical crossroads. Electioneering campaign by sundry political parties has started. And politicians will begin to dish out their empty promised that they don’t intend to fulfil, they only want our votes, they only want power. Most of them don’t have any clue about what to do with the problems of Nigeria. I want to say this; Nigerians deliver yourselves. Your future is not in the hands of politicians. Your future is in your hands. That your voter’s card carries great powers. Don’t sell your vote, not for any amount. If you sell your vote, you have sold your future. If you sell your vote, you have mortgaged your future, and the future of your children’s children. Vote your conscience.

“In my capacity as the National President of Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria, I am not telling you to vote this party or don’t vote this party, that is not my duty. It is not and that is not my intention. But please know that your future is in your hands. Your destiny is in your hands, being represented by the voter’s card in your hand. So, don’t sell it for anything. If they bring you N50billion or US$50, say no and vote your conscience, deliver yourself. The opportunity for Nigerians to deliver Nigeria has come.


“In four months from now, we’ll decide. This will be in February 2023. The decision that we make in February will determine our future. Deliver yourselves Nigerians. Insecurity is pervasive in this country like at no other time in the history of this nation. It used to be my pleasure to travel from Maiduguri to Lagos, to Ibadan; from Sokoto down to Calabar in the pursuit of my God-given agenda. I travelled round the clock without any harassment, without police. You can’t try that now. Insecurity is all over the place. Nigerians, deliver yourselves from insecurity.

“Nigerians, deliver yourselves from economic strangulation. You are only earning a tiny fraction of what we used to earn some 10 years ago. But with your voter’s card, you can deliver yourselves. Now, deliver yourselves from economic and educational strangulation…

“Consider the people that are canvassing for your votes and consider each party, look at their track records and decide. The party or individual that will not guarantee your tomorrow, vote them out,no sentiments, no tribal or religious sentiment. Nigerians, deliver yourselves. Deliver yourselves from national division. I am close to 70 years old. I have never seen Nigeria as divided as this. There is so much mistrust, tribe versus tribe, north versus south and like that. Is it fair that some particular tribes want to dominate others? Of course, they cannot dominate you without your consent. So, we are dealing with very serious issues. Your power is in your hands; deliver yourselves from national division. Let us deal with the issues. Deliver yourselves from tribal domination. Deliver yourselves from religious dominations.”




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