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“FOCUS ON ME” is a love song inspired by one of my lovers back then – an interview with Daviblue

“FOCUS ON ME” is a love song inspired by one of my lovers back then – an interview with Daviblue


Nwachukwu Emmanuel Chinonso, also known as Daviblue, is an Enugu based up and coming artiste. He spoke to the Pacesetter crew about his musical journey so far, why he chose to remain in Enugu, the inspiration behind some of his lyrics and his new single, “Focus on Me”. Dateline: April 24, 2023.

Let’s take a trip down memory lane – Tell us about your journey in the music industry – When did you discover you wanted to make music? What was your first experience with music?  


My musical journey started in secondary school where I studied, College of Immaculate Conception popularly known as CIC. Back in my junior class, JSS 3, I was a fan of Eminem and Lil Wayne, I was singing their songs in form of a karaoke, because I enjoy singing songs naturally. Along the line, I had this passion for music and dancing. I think I was more popular with dancing then than singing. At some point I would be invited in class to sing songs, especially Eminem’s “I’m not afraid”. From there I felt that was where I belonged, then I took it to the university, ESUT (Enugu State University of Science and Technology). That’s how music started in my life. 

You’re staying in Enugu to build your music career while others are running to Lagos. What motivated your decision to build in Enugu? Aren’t you encountering challenges? 

Well, Enugu is actually where I grew up, so I feel I want to start from where I’m based. It’s not a bad idea if I make it from here to the world. I know musicians like Duncan Mighty who started in Port Harcourt and from there, they’re going to anywhere in the world. I must not go to other cities or countries to make my name. God can bless you from anywhere, that’s what I believe. Enugu is where I come from, Nkanu East to be precise. I want to make my name from here to the world, maybe shows might come from Lagos or any part of the country but I still believe something great can start from here.


So, speaking of the industry here in Enugu, it’s challenging actually, very challenging. Here in Enugu, we have entertainment already. It has been here before I came to limelight as an up and coming artiste and aspiring star. I feel what can be done here in Enugu is to encourage and appreciate every creative artist making good music out there. I feel young and upcoming artists doing well in Enugu need to be appreciated, acknowledged, motivated to do more, when they’re invited for music shows, they need to be treated with respect, equality and regard, whether they’re in a label or not. They need to be treated equally with invited artists. I think if the entertainment industry sees a creative and innovative young artist that’s not in a label or has no high profile mentor to speak for them, they could at least try to acknowledge them, encourage them to come to music shows and display their talents. Let Love lead in the industry. That being said, it’s the challenge that’s making me who I am right now because I still want to prove to anyone including myself, my viewers and listeners that something can grow from very little finance and team. I’m good starting from Enugu.

How many songs have you made? What has been pushing you to keep making music?  

I have a lot of songs but officially I have dropped two main tracks – “NOTICE” and the current one is “FOCUS ON ME “. A lot have inspired my music. It could be love, it could be challenges I face, it could be a motivational song, but these are just the two official songs I have right now. 

Let’s look at two of your songs, the most recent song “FOCUS ON ME” and “NOTICE”, which has really profound punch lines. It seems like they were conceived from some really significant experiences – can you tell us about them?


I think there’s always an inspiration for every song. I always try to pass the messages that inspired the songs. For instance, if the song is about motivation, that’s me trying to motivate the listeners, if I’m telling a story in a song, that’s me trying to narrate my life ordeals or someone else’s ordeals, if the song is about love or romance, that’s me singing out of the lover boy in me, from my heart. Everything in my songs are inspired by my life, circumstances in my or some other person’s lives.

The inspiration for “NOTICE” came from two songs by Kiss Daniels and DJ Sharpzy (sings lyrics) “Omo na me as I dey here ooh ooh ooooh” – I came across the song when it was raining back then so I fell in love with the rhythm, the melody, the lyrics, the beats. I was a very good fan of that song back then. It was my inspiration for “NOTICE”. In addition, “NOTICE” was also inspired by the way things are going on in my life, like saying people are now seeing the blessings coming to me, the way I’m gradually rising, people noticing my success (sings lyrics)  “E be like say na now dem dey notice”.

“FOCUS ON ME” is a love song inspired by one of my lovers back then. As an artiste, if you’re in a relationship and you have a jealous lover, it’s not always easy, you have to give the assurance that you’re always there for them, as long as they focus on you, you’d take them seriously, you won’t play them, you’ll be faithful and loyal to them, kind of an assurance to a lover. Basically it is just a song talking about doubtless feelings and loyalty between two lovers.


How have your songs performed on streaming platforms? Do you think you need improvements in some areas? 

Well, so far the songs are doing well, I’m doing well in my own way with my team, but yes, I know I still need a lot of improvements in the streaming platforms. I’m doing good numbers on Spotify and Audio Mack. I still have some setbacks when it comes to Apple music and iTunes, normally because songs are purchased on those platforms. With time I’ll sort everything, I’ll get there, it’s a gradual process, step by step. A lot of the popular and successful artistes started the same way from somewhere, from smaller streams to the bigger streams that fetch them lots of money now. I still believe with time and consistency I’ll get there. 

Which artistes are you looking to feature or collaborate with? Are you signed to any record label or are you independent? 

I’m an independent artiste, I’m not signed to any record label yet. I’m open to taking on big deals that comes up. I’m looking to feature big artistes if I have the opportunity, like Jaywillz, Davido, Wizkid and Ycee. I’d like to feature M.I, Patoranking, Adekunle Gold, Simi, International artists like Chris Brown, Lil Wayne, etc. 

Nigerian music industry is advancing and is becoming very open minded about having someone write songs for artistes, the industry is beginning to be acceptive of the fact that there’s nothing wrong with having someone write songs for an artiste. Do you have any experience with working with song writers? Do you have a team of song writers that add a bit of flavour to your lyrics?

No, I don’t have a team of song writers, all my songs are written by me. For the instrumentals, I work with the composers who try to coach me when I’m making some of these songs. Every lyrics, every melody, I make them myself.

Asides music, what other exciting things do you do? What other things are you passionate about?

Apart from music, I love fashion and modelling. I’d love to model for so many brands, go on runway shows for designer brands like Gucci, Dolce & Gabbanna, Dior, Puma, Cartier and others, I’d like to get endorsements from brands. I’m a lover of fashion and a fashion model for “Dre” brand. It’s just music, fashion and modelling, and I’m very passionate about them.

Are you working on any song presently? Can you tell us what it’s about?

As an artiste, you have to keep working on songs consistently. They say consistency is key right? You can testify to that, I’m consistently making music to put out more songs out there. I’m working on a song currently, it’s an Amapiano vibe – to blend the trend. I’m just trying to do something different, trying a different vibe. Expect more songs with different vibes, it could be rap, afrobeats, hip hop, according to my mood and inspiration. So, I have songs coming up – expect them very soon, you all get ready to dance. 

What advice do you have for younger artists that are yet to make the first step, yet to come into the industry, yet to make any single music? 

Coming in, it’s not going to be easy, but stay positive, keep doing your thing, stay consistent, don’t sit around waiting for help, help comes when you help yourself. Everybody’s experience is different so don’t give up, there’s always light at the end of the tunnel.


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