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Modest fashion is a style of dressing characterized by clothing that conforms to cultural, religious, or personal preferences for reticence. Conservative dressing has to do with fashion requirements where clothes are less revealing in ways that satisfies ones spiritual and stylish needs. However, modest fashion has evolved over time and is not limited to any particular religion or culture. It has become a global trend that caters to individuals who prefer clothing that covers the body more modestly, regardless of their background.

In this era where many people have decided to throw caution to the wind while embracing nudity and outfits that can barely cover up our bodies, there is a need to talk about what we wear these days. The fashion trend has become something else as if we are moving back to the Stone Age where only a few leather skins and leaves were used to try covering up sensitive body parts or so I think. A lot of us are guilty of this in one way or another; either by cheering on those who walk around half clad or wearing indecent pieces ourselves. All of a sudden we no longer see modesty as something attractive and admirable; our moral standards have suddenly become nonexistent. This can be attributed to the current fashion and social media trends of showing way too much skin  and putting on high exposure clothes while people are always quick to say “my body my choice” when you point out the ills of what they are wearing mostly in public places.


Two months ago, I was sitting somewhere nice soaking in the scenery and aesthetics when this lady walked in with her man; to the heavens she was beautiful, fully covered up and all I could see were her face, fingers and toes peeking out underneath her flowing garment. For some reason, she had all eyes on her not because she looked out of place but because she looked so gracious in her attire. Simplicity most times is elegant and stylish. It can give you some level of comfort and also boost your confidence. Minimalist fashion should actually be a thing as it can show the wearer’s personality, style and spiritual standing sometimes.

On social media these days, there is a trend of sharing get ready with me (GRWM) videos and we see people starting from their under wears! Like where exactly do we draw the line? When one say anything contrary to what they are doing, such person will come under fire and scrutiny for daring to be different; maybe in the nearest future, GRWM will start in the bathroom with full videos phew!

If we are indifferent or fully on the side of wearing whatever you want anytime, anywhere, any day, why then do we choose certain outfits for certain events or places or while visiting certain people? Does it mean our rights have been suddenly stripped off or is it all selective activism and ‘wokeness’? I am not saying wear a suit to the pool or gym, but you can still wear things that keep your privates where they belong (away from the eyes) and still enjoy your outdoor activities.


I have always liked standing out from the crowd especially for the right reasons and like the saying goes, ‘dress how you’d like to be addressed’

There is a lady on Instagram that caught my attention about two years ago and it was surprising when I  discovered that she was a onetime beauty queen but somehow her choice of outfit makes her stand out which makes me admire her so much due to her level of decency and conservative looks.  

Here are a few features about conservative fashion and they may include longer hemlines, sleeves, higher necklines, and looser fits. The aim is to provide stylish and elegant clothing options while adhering to principles of modesty and propriety. Modest fashion is not about restricting personal style but rather embracing a more conservative approach to dressing. The movement has gained popularity in the fashion industry, leading to the creation of specialized brands and fashion events focused on modest attire. Many mainstream fashion designers and retailers now offer modest fashion lines, recognizing the diversity of consumer preferences and the demand for clothing that respects different cultural and religious values. Modest fashion has become a powerful expression of personal identity while also blending style with cultural or religious values. It has contributed to the diversification of fashion, promoting inclusivity and acceptance of various dressing styles. 

Here are some key aspects of modest fashion:


  1. Cultural and Religious Diversity: Modest fashion has roots in various cultures and religions that emphasize the importance of modesty and minimalist fashion such as Islamic fashion, Jewish and Christian modest dressing principles etc. These cultures and religious groups may have specific guidelines such as covering specific body parts, wearing certain lengths of sleeves or skirts, choosing non-revealing necklines and even choice of fabric.
  2. Global Appeal: There is a widespread of modest fashion and global acceptance and it is not restricted to a race, caste or religion. Modest fashion influencers and designers from diverse cultures play a huge role in its visibility and acceptance worldwide.
  3. Fashion Industry Integration: The fashion industry has recognized the demand for modest fashion, leading to the creation of dedicated lines by both mainstream and local designers. Events such as fashion weeks and runway shows, have sprung up to showcase the latest trends in modest clothing and in the same vein giving visibility to designers and brands catering to this market.
  4. Style and Creativity: Modest fashion does not mean sacrificing style or creativity. Designers and individuals within the modest fashion movement prioritize fashionable, elegant, and trendy clothing that adheres to modesty guidelines while incorporating a wide range of styles from casual and every day wear to formal and special occasion attire.
  5. Inclusivity and Empowerment: The modest fashion movement promotes inclusivity by acknowledging and celebrating diverse perspectives on modesty. It also empowers individuals to express their identity through clothing without compromising their cultural or religious values, fostering a sense of confidence and self-expression.
  6. Online Presence: Social media platforms and online communities play a crucial role in the visibility and growth of modest fashion. Influencers and bloggers share their styling tips, outfit ideas, and experiences, creating a supportive and inclusive online environment.

In summary, modest fashion is a dynamic and inclusive movement that goes beyond religious and cultural boundaries. It represents a global shift towards embracing diverse styles that prioritize modesty while celebrating creativity and personal expression.

Decency is still endearing and regal and modest fashion is as old as time/ existence.


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