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[PRESS RELEASE] Let’s Partner In Developing Nigeria, Innovation Minister Urges Techpreneurs
Minister of Innovation, Science and Technology, Chief Uche Nnaji
Press Release

[PRESS RELEASE] Let’s Partner In Developing Nigeria, Innovation Minister Urges Techpreneurs





Gentlemen of the Press, thank you for attending our event. It gives me great pleasure to speak to you about the upcoming 2024 “Technology and Innovation Expo,” an annual event organized by the Ministry.

Initially known as the “National Science and Technology (NASTECH) Week,” the Technology and Innovation Expo was established to raise awareness about Science and Technology and showcase sector achievements. The inaugural NASTECH event took place in October 1988, later rebranded as the “Technology & Innovation Expo” in 2017 to emphasize the significance of Innovation, Science, and Technology in driving economic diversification.

This year’s edition will be held in March, from Monday, 11th – 15th Friday, at the Eagle Square, Abuja, with the theme “STI: Solution to National Economic Challenges”. This theme aligns with the Ministry’s objectives of promoting Science, Technology, and Innovation, facilitating the commercialization of Research, Development, and Innovation outcomes, and fostering inventions across all sectors of national progress.


The primary objective of this event is to unite innovators, inventors, research institutions, universities, federal and sub-national ministries, departments, agencies (MDAs), polytechnics, industries, stakeholders in the organized private sector, the international community, Nigerians in the diaspora, and others.

This collective effort aims to promote locally made goods and services, which will reduce the high cost of importation, enhance revenue generation, create employment opportunities, and improve our country’s standard of living.

These initiatives are pivotal in advancing the “Made in Nigeria” agenda, fueled by indigenous inventions and innovations showcased during the event.

Esteemed guests, in addition to the objectives above, this Expo aims to:


i. Foster collaboration between Researchers and Inventors to facilitate the commercialization of research outcomes, inventions, and innovations from Nigeria’s research and tertiary institutions.
ii. Showcase the expertise of Nigerian Scientists, Engineers, and inventors, highlighting their significant contributions to Nigeria’s economic diversification.

iii. Promote collaboration among research institutions and researchers/inventors to enhance the synergy in the innovation ecosystem.

iv. Promote indigenous manufacturing rooted in Science, Technology, and Innovation (STI) while cultivating a culture of STI across Nigeria.


v. Raise awareness in primary and secondary schools regarding the pivotal role of scientific knowledge and vocational skills in driving economic growth and development.

vi. Engage students in primary and secondary schools in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) to foster their interest and proficiency in these fields.

vii. Spark curiosity and enthusiasm for Science and Technology among the younger generation, inspiring them to explore innovative solutions.
viii. Encourage creativity in science and technology among Primary and Secondary School Students, nurturing a culture of innovation from a young age.

ix. Popularize Science and Technology among members of society, emphasizing its profound impact on sustainable development’s cultural, socioeconomic, and political aspects.

x. Educate pupils and students about the significance of being scientifically and technologically literate, equipping them with the knowledge and skills necessary for success in an ever-evolving world.

These objectives underscore the Expo’s commitment to fostering innovation, driving economic growth, and nurturing a generation of forward-thinking individuals poised to tackle global challenges.

The Technology and Innovation Expo’2024 will last for five days and will feature the following activities:

i. Exhibition of Research, Development and Innovation results, Inventions and STI Products/Services;

ii. Investors/Researchers Forum;

iii. Technical Sessions on emerging STI issues;

iv. Special Days for Organizations, Stakeholders and Sub-nationals, etc.;

v. Assessment of Research, Development and Innovation results, Inventions and STI Products and Services on display;

vi. Awards of certificates, prizes, etc., to outstanding Exhibitors in the categories of Tertiary Institutions, Research Institutions, Inventors/Innovators, technopreneurs, JETS / Sub-nationals,

Furthermore, we will present awards in the following categories:

i. Tertiary Institutions

ii. Research Institutions

iii. Techpreneurs

iv. Junior Engineers Technicians and Scientists (JETS)

With all the laudable objectives and the benefits derivable from the Technology and Innovation Expo, I urge all stakeholders to utilize this opportunity by participating actively in the activities lined up to witness what Nigerians can do with the material and human resources the nation is endowed with, which hitherto were neglected or underutilized.

However, It is sad to note that most of the research outcomes that otherwise would have catapulted Nigeria to a technologically developed nation are unfortunately not being translated fully into essential goods and services.

This Expo aims to ensure the proper exposure of our investors to our commercializable research results, inventions, and innovations.

Let me emphasize that there are profitable investment opportunities in the various research outcomes to make any enterprise worthwhile.

I, therefore, seize this opportunity to appeal to Nigerian Techpreneurs in the Organized Private Sector (OPS) to be patriotic and inward-looking and come and partner with the Ministry in developing our STI outcomes for the nation’s cultural, socioeconomic and political development.

Notably, the Renewed Hope Agenda of Mr President Ahmed Bola Tinubu, GCFR, which emphasizes the “strengthening of national security for peace and prosperity, reform of the economy to deliver sustained, inclusive growth, boosting agriculture to achieve food security and unlocking energy and natural resources for sustainable development”, amongst others are envisioned to transform our economy.

This transformation gains roots when we successfully reverse our unenviable situation of a highly foreign technology-consuming country, not only by encouraging research, development and innovation but, most importantly, through continuous publicity and commercialization of research outcomes.

Let me reassure the nation that the present administration is fully committed to ensuring that its renewed hope agenda of accelerating diversification through industrialization, digitization, creative arts, manufacturing & innovation is achieved, mainly through the application of Science, Technology and Innovation.

I am very much optimistic that with our collective unrelenting efforts in our quest to achieve a service-driven economy that is competitive in terms of culture, socioeconomics, and political independence, the future of our dear country will be great.

Distinguished guests, members of the Press, stakeholders in STI, ladies and gentlemen, I wish to state that the mission of the Ministry is to make Science, Technology and Innovation (STI) indeed Nigeria’s development engine. We are committed to this challenge and believe that with the correct policies, the commercialization of research products, and the staff’s commitment, we will achieve it.

Thank you all for listening, and may God bless Nigeria.


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