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BODY TYPE: The Female Guide 

BODY TYPE: The Female Guide 


My screenshot photos take up over 55% of my gallery and storage space but deep down I know most of those style inspirations may never come to limelight for me because I do not have the same type of body as the model. As someone who has been several sizes at different points in my life, I can tell you that how you are built (body shape) can make you either feel great about yourself always or mess up your confidence every time you dress up.

As women, our body shape comes mostly from out skeletal frame work, genetic makeup, hormones and daily lifestyle. This also is determined by fat deposition and muscle distribution in our bodies. 


We can agree that our personalities, qualities and the skills we possess can give us some level of confidence boost likewise our body structure. Most ladies feel that the “next” lady has a better shape thereby wishing to look like “her” because her body type may seem more flattering and probably easier to work with when choosing an outfit than the one we have. Truly, a lot of us are guilty of this feeling but it should not be entertained because it can make you feel down for no just cause, therefore it should be discouraged.  Coming from someone who has faced similar challenges, I am taking the liberty to let you know that whatever body type you have, you can still wear fashionable outfits and make heads turn. 

One of the best ways to achieve this is to highlight your best features and this can be achieved by understanding your body type. To determine this, you’d need your shoulders, waist and hips measurements. Please note that a person may have a mix of more than one of the 5 categories listed in this article and it is also okay not to belong into these categories as well. 



  1. The rectangle shape: This body type is also referred to as athletic body shape. It is not particularly curvy and the waistline is barely defined; the bust area may look small while the hips and shoulders may have similar inches. Body weight is fairly and evenly distributed throughout your body. The best fit for this body type will involve creating illusion around the midsection of the body. Fits like high-waist trousers, belted tops, dresses and jackets with soft fabrics can help make you look lovely. Always bear in mind that many kinds of pants are suitable for this body type and belts go a long way to define your waistline.
  2. The inverted triangle: The shoulders and the bust areas are wider while the hips are smaller. An a-line skirts/ dresses, wide-leg pants, boyfriend jeans and simple tops without exaggerated necklines can do the magic for you.
  3. The apple shaped: This category of women seem to have an average bust size, no accentuated waistline; the stomach area seems bigger because that’s where the fat settles more. Your shoulders are broader than your hips and you are not necessarily curvy around your hips. Choose outfits take away attention from your shoulders; your outfits should be tailored to fit but not sheath-like. Straight leg jeans lose tops and pencil skirts are good picks.
  4. The pear shape: This is characterized with smaller/narrower shoulders, wider hips/fuller buttocks and thick thighs because that’s where most of the fat settles. For this type of body, you should concentrate on drawing attention to your upper body by wearing brighter prints and colors while throwing on darker colors for your bottom half. Wider necklines and layered tops can make your shoulders look broader. 
  5. The hourglass: This type of body shape has a well-defined waistline; the midsection of the body is obviously narrow. The hips and bust are similar/roughly even. This body type may be characterized by fuller hips, bust and thighs. For this body type, avoid clothes that are loosely fitted around the waist and also choose pants with angled pockets.

Note that these are not laid down rules but simply a guideline to help you navigate your choice of outfits. Also bear in mind that trends change rapidly.


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